Saturday, November 28, 2009

What’s my age again?

Well, probably when I would read this blog after 5 years, I would probably feel vindicated. For the starters let me get go on record and say “Being 25 & single is not a crime”. Off late most conversations with the people of this age group revolves around how badly their job sucks or how badly they want someone to suck on to them!!

On one of the binge drinking session that we had the topic of what is the best way to cope with quarter life crisis and the only solution in sight was to have someone from the opposite gender by your side and the suggestion were unanimously made by all those who are still single! I would completely endorse that yes it’s good to have found someone with whom you can connect, relate and really open upto and save money on visiting a shrink. But just because you are single does not mean that you have to go out with the next person you see on the road, because you are heading into the wrong side of 20’s.

Am currently in the phase wherein I strongly believe that one fine day a girl is just gonna fall into ma arms without any hassles. No seriously! Why is this not a possibility? Is it not too much of a pain to first of all make loads of small talk such that you earn a ticket for next meet. All the time only thing on your mind is damn, let me be careful with the words I choose gotta impress her/him. You are probably going to be in your 5-6 date when you realise that, nopes it’s not going to work out, there you are again inviting friends for another session with the Old Monk. I should really stop paying at such gathering.

So here are certain stages of “Relationship” (based on inputs for the fairer sex):

Phase 1: Hunk!

“A girl makes first impression based on aura you carry” [Well don’t really blame the girls out here, it’s really a big ask for them to judge the size of wiggly through the trousers] Suit up Bro!

Phase 2: Sweet!

“If a girls likes someone she will give the guy hints!!” [Yea girls, if the guys really understood that don’t think there would have been so many broken hearts] Well no one really explained what exactly those hints are, but apparently it’s true!

Phase 3: Fear!

“Don’t tell ma girl that I drank” [Well really, do you really think lying is the answer...How long will it sustain, why is it so difficult to clear the air? Coz the girls can’t stand the truth or the lie] Headed only one way...spiralling down!

Phase 4: Reason!

“There can be a boy friend and also a good friend...who happens to be a boy” [The most clichéd of all statements, it’s never acceptable to a girl that a guy speaks about his girl and friend who happens to be a girl in a single statement. So how can a girl expect that a guy should accept it...Then again who said life is fair] Geez.. Pick one!

Phase 5: Introspection!

“Was never meant to be.. All men are dogs” [Raj palace, Friday evening?]

Well in SDLC terms, the entire relationship process works on a spiral model. You keep going in circles unless the realization happens and requirements are met.

Yepp, so on that note am happy to be single also ready to mingle! Age is not the criterion for getting into a relationship.

P.S.: Ok, my approach is not really gonna work!

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N!ckel said...

Now that you have written something like this , it will be interesting to read a post from ur side once you are hitched.

I want to see the differences then. [:P].

Btw this one's a guide for all single guys like you & me. Nice work.