Sunday, May 16, 2010

Uptown Hangouts -- Part Deux!

Yepp finally decided to update the blog once again.. lets hope can be more regular on it from now.. Past few weekends have been all about enjoying the typical IT crowds lifestyle. Monday to Friday its about spending time in front of your 15" monitor and weekends about nice fine dining experience.

Ok, now lets begin with the part deux of uptown hangouts.

Not Just Jazz by the Bay
Me and my buddies might not be the kind of people who can jazz up the place nor can we enter and be the center of attraction of the whole room, but we surely can pay up for the food we have had!! I really feel that the folks at Jazz by the bay thought we wont be able to pay up. Hence, we just had a couple of beers and were out of the place thanks to all the eye balls requesting us to be out as soon as possible. So next time you wanna go to Not just jazz by the bay, I suggest you better suit up apparently jeans and tee is not good enough for the folks there!

Le Meridien
The mid-night buffet at Le Meridien is quiet exquisite . It cost 570 bucks and is open only on Friday and Saturday nights from 12 mid-night - 3 am. The place is good the staff is extremely courteous. You get a complimentary pint of beer and an pint of corona cost 275 bucks. The best thing is to rake up a good appetite before you head out to such places so that can enjoy from the wide variety of starters, they had everything from Squids to Turkey. The Chicken and Lamb were perfect with the wide range of dippings that you can choose from. The only disappointing item was the Pork, as it seemed to be under cooked but the keema pav which they server was just too yummy. They could have improved the main course menu there were 2-3 choices for vegetarians however for die-hard non-vegetarians they had to be content with Chicken Biryani and in gravy for some reason they had Fish Manchurian!! ooh and ya they served some mango chilli drink, dont try it! Its gonna ruin your appetite. To drown it all the desert menu consists of 4 indian sweets and 4-5 preparations of deserts with chocolate and a couple of pastries and fruit salad. All in all its a good place to hang out with your friends if you have a night out planned
And ya they serve water from "Chandi ka Patila", guess thats why the water they serve tastes funny!

If you wanna get yourself ripped off TGIF would be the place. A pitcher costs 595 bucks and serves approximately 4 glasses. The beer served is nice and chilled and the Chicken southwest we had ordered was brilliant. The happy hours are till 9:00 wherein its a straight one on one offer across all drinks. The DJ who was playing music seemed to be more interested in the food being served to him rather than the music being played. I think he had just inserted a random CD and turned the shuffle on. Ok, moving to the main course we ordered a sizzler which was best described by my friend kunal as "Sukha chicken with rice" it was absolutely bland! For deserts we ordered the desert platter which cost 299 bucks, the deserts were nice they had whipped chocolate served with 1. Oreo biscuits 2. Snikers chocolate 3. Mint
All in all the place is fun but is extremely hard on the wallet, would cost atleast 1000 bucks per person for a dinner, also the badges that the staff at TGIF wear has absolutely no significance just incase you wondered.


Mee said...

Hard core non-vegetarian foodie review!!...hehe...btw...try out moche in cuff parade next time...go for charrilled chicken followed by mango cheese cake....Kunal will not complain of 'suka chicken' :) and the deset is out of the world

Neeraja Seshadri said...

U r superer than me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What words..