Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being the Cool Dude!

For most part of my life I have tried to follow a traditional path, I am a south Indian who loves Math's studied Information Technology and works for an Technology Company, could it get any more clich├ęd. Well after being a follower for most part of my life, I have finally taken a stance to do things differently so that I can be that cool guy.

I along with one of my friends had come up with a scale to measure coolness: According to this scale a person has to rate on 5 parameters each with I point and depending on your final cumulative score you can ascertain you coolness quotient.

1. Books (Novels):
The books that you should have red must be of varied genre. You should have read a minimum of 20 books by unique authors. It works better if you have a collection of dog eared paged books.

2. English Movies:
This one comes naturally to me. You should have watched most of the crappy movies shown on HBO and Star Movies apart from that you should have seen some cult movies which is mandatory to show off. Also you should know list of movies which were nominated and won the Oscars. Also having watched shows like Happy Days, Cheers and Coupling will earn you brownie points.

3. Rock Music:
Preferably you should listen to retro ala Beetles, Jim Morrison and should have the biographies of these people memorized. Utterance of bands like Boy zone and Back street boys should evoke the response ?Gay?.

4. GK:
This helps in starting and sustaining a conversation. You should be highly opinionated about everything under the sun and should be able to agree/disagree with conviction.

5. Formula 1:
This is necessary for the guys to look upto you. If you can list the race locations in the order they are conducted and couple them with jargons like throttle, nose, and wing it?s going to be killer!

I think someone should come up with a book on ?How to be a cool Dude in 21 days? It should cover a gist of the above areas as in provide synopsis of select 15-20 books, story line of the movies with some interesting facts, lyrics of songs etc. Best seller in the self motivation section!

Feel free to post any more criteria which you think defines/measures coolness.


Renita said...

And I used to think that ppl associate being cool with wearing branded stuff, owning the latest n most expensive gadgets, talking with n accent/ slangs n hanging out at the happening places.

Wd said...

According to your scale, I am so uncool!

hmmm said...

@ Renita: The cool dude that you are describing is the media generated one...The one that I am describing is the stoned geek kind of cool dude...who cant afford the luxuries of brands and is definitely not a instant hit with girls...

@ Wd: That makes two of us....

Renita said...

@hmmm theres no fixed scale to measure coolness...different perceptions, different scales...we may not be cool according to this scale but maybe by some other way ;)

Mee said...

Start writing the book! :P