Sunday, December 28, 2008

Now & Then!

“It’s been 2 and a half years since we have passed out”. It seemed just like yesterday when they were engulfed in childish Leg pulling, un-warranted controversies and most of all I don’t care about my future attitude. Everything seemed so oblivious then, life seemed to be straight of the “Friends” sitcom. We were unaware/chose to turn a blind eye towards the realities of life.

I still have the certain memories etched in my head regarding how we used to kill time at the canteen and made what seems stupid now oaths to always remain in touch, be friends for life all that clichés. All this at a time when we showed amazing camaraderie and at a split of second shedding tears at pointless differences. Life has come a full circle since the rains of 2003 brought us all together and summer of 2006 each one of us traced a different path and the journey of life resumed, from being a bed of roses to a road strewn by thorns.

So much has happened in these two and a half years that I have kind of become a stranger to the person I was. I don’t know if the change has been positive of negative but yes I know “I have changed”. May be it is the ageing process which has brought out the subdued facets of our persona which I guess none of us would have ever imagined existed in us, thanks to our need for being an obsessive conformist.
I would like to ask you guys, is it good that we have lost the soul of beliefs and identities that we had? Have we started to take our lives seriously?

Recently one of my friend decided to play a small prank on another of my close friend, I do agree that these pranks are uncalled for and should not cross a threshold but thanks to the prank this dude easily received one of the best verbal volleys and most of it was because it had interfered in our friends’ professional life.

Hence I wondered since when did our professional life started taking precedence over our friendship. Why do we increasingly find it difficult to keep in touch with the friends with whom not so long ago dreamt of sharing a little part of our life? For me these friends were people whom I could call at mid-night without even thinking twice. Now before calling them on a weekend I need to think twice about it. Now even if I get a mail from any one of my friends I consider it a privilege.

May be its just me. But yes given an opportunity I would definitely like to drag the clocks back by 5 years and relive the carefree no holds barred, dreamy, hazy, outrageous life that I lived!

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