Sunday, March 15, 2009

Myth vs. Facts

These are some of the question for which I really need answers....

  • Is it true that you cannot end up with your first crush?
  • Is it true that everyone ends up hating their first job?
  • Do all chemist shops have sanitary napkins on display under the counter?
  • Is it true that for women size is not a criterion?
  • Do all Gay men prefer tight Tees?
  • Is it true that a man can never be satisfied by a single woman?
  • Is it true that life always makes sense?


Renita said...

1.False. But whether you want to or not is a different question altogether..depends actually on many other things.
2.False. I liked my first job..Some of the most beautiful moments in my life were at office or because of my job. :) work was fine...sometimes bad bt i dint really dislike it.
3.As many chemist shops i knw of/have seen, do..but they'll always wrap it in a newspaper or a black plastic bag when they give it.
4.Depends on person to person..(not only when it comes to women but people in general)
5.I dont know much abt gay men.
6.Men can answer i'd like to know the answer too.
7.Depends whos life and the persons perspective towards it and time.

Obscure Blogger said...

1. Yeah, if u just kept waiting for your crush to come running for you!
2. Not necessarily, coz i dint!
3. Even if they do, whats the big deal?
4. Blink Blink Please elaborate :D
5. Have you been searching for gay men's pics on the internet? DAMN!
6. I don't think so. And I am not saying this by experience! :D
7. Nope. Life doesn't make any sense to me at all sometimes :-)