Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who would you like to be?

What are the things that people generally dig?


1. College Student: Damn! Am too obsessed with college... There is nothing more satisfying than being a college student... Nothing is too complex... Lead a simple life... Go to college; meet up friends... spice up your life with idiosyncrasies of friends... It does not matter what the world thinks of it as long as your friends love it!

2. A Writer: There is something about the life of a writer that people simply adore... You get loads of opportunity to give "Gyan"... You actually get paid to speak your mind out!! This is a complete opposite to my current line of work where you are paid to speak what your boss says!!

Gender based:

1. A Woman: Don’t get me wrong... But there is something about being a girl that fascinates every guy... any detail however inane gets a lot of publicity!!! How else does one explain the list of "Can I be your friend" requests that girls get!!

2. Be a woman who smokes: I guess most guy would disagree on face of it... But it is something about a woman who smokes that guys completely fall for... Its like being way too cool for guys... And if you couple it with a woman who is not afraid to use man words in public and for icing says that she might be bisexual!! uff... A dream come true for every guy’s fantasy!!

Skill based:

1. A Public speaker: Again more like a writer but simply more flamboyant and impromptu... Its people who have this skill that can leave an excellent first impression on you... And that is enough for you to carry that image of his for the rest of your life!!


Can’t really comment on this, but based on my limited fashion taste... It is relatively safe for a guy to be a metro sexual... I wonder what happened to the age old style of the moustache and the beard!! Whereas for a woman... well just be a woman... that is enough for a guy!!

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Renita said...

yes there is a part of me that wants to be a college student and a better writer...about the gender based part, well, the grass is always greener on the other is jst a matter of perspective.
skills, everyone wants some skill that draws attention and appearance, just being a woman is not enuff, these days, gurls or guys it matters a lot to be well groomed.