Thursday, February 07, 2008

MBA - Part I

The past two years have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. It began with the jubilation of getting into one of the premier institutes of the country [it does not matter that you make it in the second list]. Then began the agonizing pain of waiting for the college to begin and also planning ways to start off with the pre-requisites syllabus given by the college, this is the time when I started to dream big [thanks to all the newspaper printing about the hefty packages these MBA's get] where nothing short foreign placement would have made me happy. Finally the day arrived to reach college for the very first time. I still remember the day clearly as I was late on the very first day for registration, as soon as I opened the door all my eyes would search for is the sight of my classmates from Bhavans and I clearly remember Saurabh calling my name out and asking me to sit next to him [his voice never seemed so sweet], thats when I took a deep breath and started looking at the people I am going to spend my next one and a half years [Our course was later converted into a 2 year course]. The first non Bhavans classmate I met was Ganga, the first thing that one would notice is how articulate he is, after a brief introduction with him I decide to leave and make a dash towards Bhavans which was home not so away from home. What followed was a series of ragging session by our seniors right from making stupid introductions about yourself to B-Plans. After our induction we had our pre-requisites test, oh ma gosh!!! I will never forget that exam. No one from our group had any clue of what has to be done and will never forget the Java code written by Ambar, the code was of 5 lines and supposedly it covered all the features of a calculator, thats when I realized how difficult its gonna be. Next we had a trip to Lonavala with the theme from "I to We", the best memory I have of that trip is the series pileups that we did apart from that we had the first fight of our class the "Bharari Vs. Imprintz" I still fail to understand how people were not able to look at the funny side. Also went on my first trek to dukes nose & was a part of the team that came last in the treasure hunt. The entire time we were at Lonavala all I could do is think about my Bhavans friends maybe it was because was too emotionally attached with them was more than happy to come back to Mumbai as it meant an opportunity to spent time with Bhavans friends. After some weeks we had our semester-I exams and thanks to this I was able to make my first friend at SPJIMR "Ankur". The reason I and ankur became friends was in this competitive class only two of us were open to coping in exams as both were desperate to copy in exams, man did we copy in the exams. Even if the invigilator was standing behind us, we could not care less about it and continued copying and when the results came and was more than happy scoring 3.0 just about scrapping through.

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