Monday, November 12, 2007

In pursuit of Happiness

The moment we enter this world we are always in quest of something or the other...Be it food, clothing, money, attention or as simple as happiness...So what does it take to be happy..When can we say that a person is happy & when does a person stop being happy....Yesterday I saw an old man buying a balloon for possibly his grandchild...The expression on the child said it all...The expression was as if he had conquered the world..I guess on seeing that even the grandfather could not contain the smile on his face...for the child balloon meant the world but for the grandfather it was his grandchild's happiness...So when does this happiness change into sudden sorrows...What happens that suddenly from being so happy we become so gloomy..I guess humans can never be content..human life for me runs on fuel of quest...In this quest everyone tries to better whatever they themselves have achieved till now...and mind you every human is capable of achieving more than what he has achieved previously...but for me one falters when he tries to achieve something more than what someone else has achieved... for me its this struggle to achieve that causes the temporary gloom and its the same struggle that makes this happiness so sweet when the goal is achieved...There is nothing that can be achieved without any struggle..In case human started achieving everything without any struggle then whats the difference between them and GOD...

When you sit alone after 10 should smile with content...and your heart should sing for what you have done !!!!

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Kovid said...

In today's world what you call as "struggle to achieve" is actually the rat race.But as they say.. even if you win the rat race you still are a rat.
That aside..The question is when does it end...
We miss out on happiness from the present time hoping to become happy when we "achieve" something.
The goals keep on changing and we never stop wanting. When we are teenagers we want to achieve good scores..then good college.. then good job .. good life partner.. good house.. kids getting settled..bla bla.. and you struggle for it missing out on the present.

And then at 80 you realize that you were never happy all your life because you were struggling to achieve something!