Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 - Mid Anniversary Appraisals!

So lets do a mid anniversary appraisal of my To-Do list for this year!

1. Travel more!! Got to get atleast 4 vacations done this year... Each of atleast 4 days..

  • Not Happening.. With the new job this one is down the drains...
2. Give more structure and thought to the entrepreneurial venture

  • Well definitely made some progress on this front... Well things could move a lot faster.. made some strides none the less.
3. A movie a week... (no not in theaters but torrentz it)

  • Must say this is probably the only thing which went according to plan... Caught up with many movies this year... 
4. Tennis on weekends

  • Shucks!! Another initiative down the drains...
5. Would like give up non-veg food & aerated drinks for atleast a couple of months to begin with

  • With all the trips to Mhd. Ali Street dont failed miserably.. However hope to salvage it in the coming months...
6. Go out on atleast one Date... (Have absolutely no clue on how I will get this one done.. but atleast for once
would like to ask a girl out)

  • Lets just move to the next one...
7. Explore and learns new areas on a professional front (2011 was extremely horrid.. Need to regain the zeal)

  • Well definitely a Win here.. Did manage to switch job and hope to get a much wider exposure.. but the change of adjusting to new organization and culture seems to a pain in the ass at this point...
8. Will not contemplate much and will take more decisions purely on the concept of "Leap of faith"

  • Purely for appraisal reasons would like to say have partially fulfilled it... However a lot left to be desired...
9. Buy an apple product (ipod / iphone)

  • Yaay.. Finally own an iPhone... And it is pretty cool :)
10. Will blog atleast once more :P

  • Perfect way to fulfill this criteria ;)

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