Sunday, October 26, 2008

Appropriate Gifts!

The single most obnoxious gift that one has gifted me would be a Greeting Card... I never really understood why gift someone a glossy paper with some wise ass quote in it... And the thing that annoys me the most is what do I do next with this card? In case the answer is keep it in my desk... Then how long do I have to keep it? Probably people gift greeting cards because they are cheapest! Now not to sound cheap people gift utility item! How can someone else decide what is the thing that I need? That's why a bouquet makes sense [not sounding all girly]... But it makes life so simpler... till the flowers are fresh and blooming you can keep it and once its shelf life is done... No one is going to tell you that you are being insensitive by throwing it away! And the best gift that I would appreciate the most would be plain hard cash!... Life is so much easier...

So now you guys know what to gift me!!


Renita said...

hmm...its just a matter of likes n dislikes. What you may like..others maynot and vice
versa. True that while gifting someone you have to consider what the other person may like..but when you're totally clueless, you end up gifting the peron something that you like or something you assume the peron may like..just a wild guess going horribly wrong sometimes!!
I wudnt consider a card as a cheap gift. I know some ppl just gift for the sake of it...but i choose not to see it that way. The person even bothered to gift me is what matters..its just thoughtful on their part!! Yea sometimes im soo disappointed that i wonder y did the person even bother but then not everyone can afford to give gifts that please the other person. A simple card with heartfelt wordings is a nice choice. I'd rather accept it gratefully..and if i dont like it make a book mark out of it! The ones i truely like i collect them, just like having a photo album... wonderful memories. On the other hand, personally, i dont prefer flowers so much (not that i wudnt accept it), not only are they xpensive but i cant use it, it will be lying in one corner of the house wid no one to appreciate its beauty and then wither away! but for someone who likes flowers it maybe appropriate. Agreed hard cash is anyday better :) vouchers also will do. But sometimes its weird to give cash/vouchers coz u cant really decide on an apt amount..u dont wanna spend much at the same time you dont wanna come across too chingoos ;)

P.S: Apologies for a comment longer than the post !

Wd said...

Yeah, and just so that you are not insensitive, you will end up with a pile of greeting cards- like the one's you have collected since the time you came to know the meaning of the word insensitive.

But what about a hand made card with heartfelt words?

And yes, havent you preserved flowers between books?

Renita said...

You can preserve flowers between books...but not entire bouquets.